Cluttered Thoughts

When was the last time you picked up your pen and started to jot down your thoughts which were actually feelings? Maybe when pen only meant pencil and growing up only meant happiness. And you say you don’t get time to gather your thoughts to do something, but you miss your innocent child life. All the things that meant happiness to you back then are now just lifeless scattered feelings. Despite learning from odds you developed a negativity to every side. While growing up, you almost forgot meaning of the word ‘living’. Back when packing your bag for another day and wait for Mumma to cook something special meant the world to you. When the only thing that bothered you was how to set a lasting impression on your class teacher so that she makes you the monitor of your class. Where you’ll be disciplining all of them who once made you cry and let some the liberty to talk who once made you happy by simply sharing their lunch. When holding grudges and revenge kind of words weren’t in your vocabulary. When you didn’t even know if vocabulary kinda thing existed and you were improving it all over. When the only sin committed was to call class teachers by their respective name. When the biggest crime was to take somebody’s eraser and never returning it back. When the rotation was all we fought for and vacant classes were all we waited for. When the moment of happiness was when the maths teacher who was to take the exam was absent. When participating in the annual function was no less than walking on a red carpet. Those times where our biggest challenge was to learn how to ride a bicycle and conquering it was our biggest victory. We didn’t know anything about fear of losing cause only thing that mattered was to gain. When we were immature yet knew everything about how to be happy over little things and cry over big ones. When we knew nothing about karma but still never did anything to regret over. Gone are the childhood days and our brainchild where innocence enveloped every single thought. We don’t miss them any longer, we just want to go back and live them over and over like it’s forever. Where there won’t be any fear of growing up because we’ll be transported back to the time where we know nothing but innocence, pencils, lunch boxes and again- innocence all over. But, our childhood distant dream has been achieved! Yes, we grew up.
Feeling nostalgic, aren’t you?

In a nutshell, we can’t go back to our childhood but we can discover it once again in our siblings, those roadside kids and above all in their happiness which only care about discovering the beauty in every little thing.

The Greenery Enveloped In Positivity! – IIT Mandi


IIT mess surrounded in lush greenery.
The paintball stuff.
Lush greenery and cold breezes.
Mountain adorned with snow.

After a bit of a long break, I’m back with an article about something I wanted to write about for a while.

The focal point of this article is IIT Mandi, nestled in the lush green lap of the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. What is an article about IIT is doing here on a travel blog, you might wonder? To be honest, I fell in love with the scenic beauty of this place and I could hardly stop myself from sharing my experience with you guys.

IIT Mandi’s campus lies in Prashar Road, Tehsil Sadar, Near Kautala, Kamand, Himachal Pradesh. The entire campus of IIT is like a city in itself. If you’re heading there for a specific purpose for say, a fest, like I did, then an entire week there would pass by like in the blink of an eye. The most amazing thing you’ll experience here is when you wake up in the morning and the freshness with positivity along with cold breeze that will caress your face and get you go high on life.  The funny thing about hilly area like this is that you could simply sit and adore the beauty of mountains all day and still not get bored. The sparrows, crows, pigeons, all of them fly as if they are dancing to the beats of mountain. If you’re lucky enough to go there on a fest and that too with your bunch of crazy people then DJ nights will act as an icing on the cake.

Infact, food (mess) is really good in terms of quality and quantity, not at all like the mess experience typically stereotyped by people. The more you see a place and go there everytime, you’ll discover a whole new shade of it. The most wonderful memory is late night walks with friends in search of leopard and when we didn’t use to find it, we would come back and on our way back, one amongst us always, would sit in middle of the road and the whole bunch of crazy people would sit around and would crack lame jokes. The humour level was quite high even when we were low or tired. You can also do bonfire, if you’re lucky enough to have a guitarist in your group then bang on! All of it seems like a beautiful impeccable painting and you cannot see all it’s textures and facets all in one go. It will fill you with great enthusiasm and everytime you will see the road from the mountain, your adrenaline will kick in. The whole place was adorned like a beautiful carnival festival. There were activities like blind dates, dance performances, streetplays, hurdle wars, robowars, rappeling, paint ball, band slam, etcectra. The paintball was the most fun one for me, you just needed to register for Rs. 150 and you’ll get 20 balls and if it’s with your friends then what could be a better way to shoot them that too with paint. 

Even the blind date event was very interesting, all you had to do was to put your name in a bowl filled with names and you would be paired up with some other girl/ boy. That led to some situations that were completely hillarious. Within a matter of days, you will develop such a connectivity with the place that you will regret going home. One thing is for sure, the place will not let your rest even for a second. The place is an immense pool of beauty which promises wonderful nostalgic memories for everyone. Make sure you pack your jackets and bags on time. Enjoy! 😊

Flying Colors of Love & Happiness- VRINDAVAN 

#ritualistic #atleast_once_in_a_lifetime #Holi

Even if you’ve been to Vrindavan a hundred times but everytime you will visit this place you will fall for it over and over again. The city is not only about Lord Krishna but also about the world famous Holi which is celebrated for a whole month over here. The city is culturally rich with love, tradition & colors. The stalls with the traditional stuff and the temples with magnificence built will make your eyes go out of your socket. This article is specifically about Banke Bihari Temple, which is located in Goda Vihar, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. The temple has an amazing heart rendering story behind, which would make you go ‘aww’. Before waxing lyrical about the temple there are things that you must know before you come to the city. As it is the month of Holi(festival of colors) so do not prefer ‘this looks the best’ dress, you might come in a white dress or go back with rainbows being sprayed all over it. Like all tourist places, beware of monkeys as they might snatch your shades,spectacles, or your stuff so keep the stuff somewhere it’s safe before you have to bribe the monkeys to have your stuff back. But need not to worry, they won’t threaten you. The city is meant for euphorism so why should animals be left behind. Also, do not forget to have your face stamped with the logo Radhe. It would be highly convenient if you don’t carry any luggage with you but if you do then as a last resort you could buy sweets from any random sweets shop and they’ll assure that it’s safe for some hours. It’s all done now let’s enter the temple, as soon as you enter the temple you will be welcomed wih the gulal(red powder) being thrown over your face and the pichkari (spray gun used to spray colored water) being sprayed on your back. But do not dare to get violent, either way enjoy it and don’t be a party popper. The prayers will be chanted from every corner of the temple from almost everyone’s mouth. The intense, deeper love people have for the Lord krishna is something that can be felt only when you visit the temple. The temple personifies so much affection that it has seen atheists being turned to theists. The temple would give you a whole makeover for free and you won’t go back looking ordinary. If you’re lucky enough to be a girl then brace yourself because you wouldn’t be spared from colours and buckets of water being poured over you every other second. Nobody cares if they know you or not, they’re gonna celebrate with you. People around would make you dance and you’ll feel rejuvenated as a whole. Usually temples are supposed to seek peace but this place find it’s peace in the most loudest way, maybe this is the most tempting part of it. Also, this place is picture-perfect for photographers but do not forget to cover your fancy camera as no corner of the city is left untouched by colours. The sky over here looks much more colourful then the rainbow itself. So don’t just google this place but visit it and have your face colored by the god itself. Cause either it’s today or never. Bon voyage! 😊

The Beauty in Remains! – Tughlaqabad Fort

This article is all about architectural beauty of Tughlaqabad Fort. It is 7 km away from Harkesh Nagar Okhla metro station ( nearest station) so, it would be better and more convenient to travel via bus, auto or cab. It is located in Mehrauli Badarpur Road, New Delhi. It is also known as Ruined Fort. The place opens in morning by 6 a.m. and gets closed by 6 p.m. Ticket is worth Rs. 15 which is absolutely worth. You can spend as much time you want to spend in there, the highest cliff gives an amazing view of the city and if you’re working on any short film then this place is heaven. Also, this place is great for camera hams. It is supposed to be haunted but during visiting hours, nothing has been spotted so far. The place is a little too big and a little more thorny so, wear comfortable footwear and avoid the fancy ones. There is a hidden spooky tunnel too, covered under leaves, which gives way to unknown citadel of Adilabad. The built of this fort takes you back to those old history textbooks you used to hate back in school days, and seeing that history being converted into beautiful forts leaves one pondering. For history enthusiasts, this fort was built during 1321-1325 to serve dual purpose of a defensive site and capital of the Sultan Ghiyasudin-Tughlaq founder of Tughlaq dynasty. The site is considered a landmark in architectural development of Tughlaq period. In front of Tughlaqabad Fort’s entrance, there is another tomb named ‘Ghiyasud-din-Tughlaq’ which was built by the founder of Tughlaq dynasty itself. It is believed that out of 3 graves inside the tomb, the central grave is of Ghiyasud-din -Tuglaq and the other two aren’t his wife and son. The place is good for spending some time alone beyond the drone of city. As this place is a little far from central Delhi so there is not much food spots but if you’re lucky enough to travel via metro and Connaught Place lies in your way then you can have amazing dine-in experience there. So hasten up and carry wonderful memories back with you. 🙂

The Absolute Serenic Beauty! – Cathedral Church Of Redemption

  1. Yes, this blog is about church. The Cathedral Church of Redemption is located in Ashok Place, New Delhi. This place is open for everyone irrespective of caste,race or religion who believes in Christanity, Jesus, truth and the great beyond. This place is a wonder for people seeking happiness and to have time away from daily life. If you’re lucky enough to visit the church on somebody’s wedding day then you wouldn’t let your eyes rest even for a second from the beautiful surroundings which will be adorned with beautiful flowers and decorations. In backyard of the church there are parks but they are prohibited, as it is believed that people may pluck the flowers or harm them but the sight is a worth to see. There is a library too in the right side of the church which is open Tuesday to Saturday (10:00a.m.-6:30p.m.) while on Sunday it is open from 9:30a.m. till 12:30 p.m. You are free to read any book but if you want to issue book of any sort then registration charges may apply which are worth Rs. 100 while membership fee is Rs. 200 for students below age 20,for adults it is Rs. 300 also you need to deposit Rs. 500 as security money which is refundable. The church is a magnificent beauty and is worth the visit once in a lifetime to experience ultimate peace. This place is perfect for meditation, introspection and above all that you could discover yourself by self-analyzing. Without anymore time wasting visit your nearby church or if possible have your footsteps towards this absolute serenic beauty. Hope you might find something great and beautiful here. Wish it would help. 😊

The cultural India: Craft museum, Delhi 

#diverse #eyesoothing

Well it is a fact that Delhi never gets tired of surprising you with all it’s divine beauty. Let us know some fun facts about craft museum. 😊

National handicrafts and handloom museum (a.K.a. craft museum) is in Pragati maidan gate no. 1 bhairon marg facing Purana quila. 

  • This place is a must to visit if you’re intrigued by the beautiful, diverse culture of India. Asian culture, beautiful crafts, eye-soothing natural beauty which is an inspiration to many doodle artists moreover, many rural people showcase their work in midst of the museum surrounded by beautiful trees. There are many things like hand knitten wall hangings, handmade watercolor paintings and there was this woman named Kamla, aged 40 years or so who made beautiful mud diyas (a small cup-shaped oil lamps), showpieces. While speaking to her I sensed she is not having a good quality of life but on the contrary she was full of energy and enthusiasm. There were several other things too like hand knitten bedsheets, clothes but the stall which was most interesting was one where bowls, penholders, showpieces were showcased and fun fact about them was that they were extereme light in weight and  the reason being that they were made from paper and they were wasabhle too. While speaking to one of the person there I got to know it was basically made in Kashmir and most of the pieces are exported to foreign countries and are sold In humongous prices. Also, there were mud-mirror paintings which were really wonderful. There were plenty of wall paintings and undoubtedly they were flawless and a sight for sore eyes like it makes you stand there for a minute. There are countless number of foreigners around and just have a glance at their faces and you’ll see how amazed and content they are while being here in India and knowing India’s culture which makes them go crazy and explore more and they are literally fun to talk to. All you have to do is build some courage, smile on your face and a firm handshake. So, if you ever feel like India is going back in it’s culture and losing it’s existence then have a step ahead towards this beautiful masterpiece atleast once and a bundle of happiness, good memories, feeling of integrity are promised with the visit and yes, it’s totally free. 😊  

Why this travel blog?

Well where should I start from. To be honest I really don’t know I’ve got plenty of reasons and it’s a little tough task to state all of them in one go. But what really insisted me to do it is the very concept of it like you get to know other people’s choices, views, mentality about things. To learn things and that too from someone else’s perspective is the most amazing thing about blogging. Since it’s my first blog so I don’t really expect it to be 10/10 but we all have to start from somewhere to be at the top. This very thing takes me to throw some light upon my blog which solely revolves around travelling. Like everybody else, I do love travelling like anything and the best part about travelling is not exploring the place but exploring your hidden talents and yourself. You get to know yourself better and you develop a sense of confidence. If anything bothers you then the best you could do is to pack your bag and travel. Some of my favorite quotes are:

1. Sky is the limit for you I.e. endless . 😊

2. You don’t need to be rich to travel (from nomadic matt).